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We PARAS INDUSTRIES are the Manufacturers and Exporters of Brass LPG Valves & all Kinds of MS, SS & Brass Components: Brass Gas Parts, Brass CNG Parts, Brass Electronic Parts, Brass Sanitation Parts, Brass Hardware Parts, Brass Pen Parts, Brass Automobile Parts, Brass Transformer Parts, Brass Electrical Parts, Brass Meter Parts, Brass Valve Parts and fitting hardware etc. as per customer’s requirement and specification for last Twenty Three Years in automatic Machines (Three Sis. Con. Factories) we will provide you all kind of your requirement in time, in large quantity, complete accuracy and perfect scale on reasonable rates.

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How brass used is the aut...

Brass is an alloy, non-ferrous, and red metal made with copper and zinc. Brass has ma...

17 Nov, 2021

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